Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Day 2 - Feelings Are Not For Eating

You know those days when you think 'but they were a flaming moron' should be a murder defense? I had one of those.

It started out fine. Had a lovely breakfast of 9 grain bread and almond hazelnut butter.  The bread is a delicious one from a local bakery that is carried by our grocery store. Important as it has no preservatives or assorted other ingredients that are unnameable. And the nut butter is yum. Don't get stuck in a peanut butter rut. I'm allergic to peanuts so I have widely explored the other butters, and they are so amazing. I think my favourite is cashew. So great.

We had leftovers from last night's Mexican Lasagna  for lunch. Might be even better the next day,

Work was tough. Not food wise. I had a  yummy apple on my break. But it was generally crappy. One of those days that can sometimes drive me to eat my feelings. My binge of choice is chips and dip. Oh, how I love the salty goodness. To kill the craving I substituted air popped popcorn dipped in sriracha. I've mentioned before that I won't give it up in spite of the sugar because I love it so much, but I use less than a teaspoon at a time. Craving killed!

Then I wanted something comforting for supper, and what is more comforting than pasta? I'll let Melina tell you how she made it. She's cooking now. It will heal me, I can tell.

~ Denise

I make my white pasta sauce like I would normally, with the exception of using oil to sauté, and there is no processed vegan cheese item of any kind. I just use some organic brown rice flour to thicken. And I usually add kale. So good.

Also, for dessert, I made mochi. I LOVE mochi. I lightly brush a non-stick pan with a drop of oil. put some cut up pieces of mochi on it, cover, flip in a few minutes, cover, and it's done when it looks all puffy.

Maple syrup or brown rice syrup over the top of the hot mochi is heaven. I used maple syrup tonight. Brilliant.

~ Melina

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  1. Love reading about the challenge, and the kinds of meals you lovely girls make. I'm sitting in my hospital bed counting down to solid food, and your posts are making me hungry.