Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pan-Seared Tofu With Udon Noodles & Red Swiss Chard

So, I love pan-seared tofu. I could just eat it plain and be a happy camper. But, probably not the best idea if I wanna get all my nutrients.

Denise made the suggestion this afternoon that supper involve tofu, greens and udon noodles. I said 'sure, I can whip up the coolest stuff. Leave it with me, little Dekneeknee' ( Denise's nickname, long story).

It looks weird and a little un-appetizing, but was totally good. Just maybe don't eat it while watching an episode of 'Firefly' that has reavers in it.

Pan-Seared Tofu With Udon Noodles & Red Swiss Chard

1 block tofu 350 g
3 tbsp canola oil
2 packages Udon noodles
1 head red Swiss chard (or other greens)
4 tbsp BBQ sauce
4 tbsp water
1 tsp Franks Red Hot Sauce
1 tbsp lime juice

Heat oil in fry pan on medium heat. Cut tofu in about 1" blocks, 1/4" thick, and place flat side down. When browned, flip, sear other side. My pan is steel, so tofu got kinda stuck, but I prefer not having the crap in the non-stick pans. I will deal with some messy tofu.

Tear and rinse greens, set aside. Boil water, pour on noodles in bowl( take out of package first, ha ha) leave a few minutes.

In a small bowl, combine last 4 ingredients.

When tofu is done on both sides, throw everything in the pan. You might need to add the greens in stages, as it will cook down.

Heat through. Serve.



  1. Interesting. What would you rate this taste wise?

  2. The sauce was very very mild with measurements we used. Sort of like the light taste of an herb infused rice, if that makes sense. It just gave a mellow flavour to the noodles and tofu. If you are not as big a fan of chard as we are, you could easily adjust to make it stronger. I love chard and I really liked this!

  3. I do adore a good noodle dish and yours looks pitch-perfect!