Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Day 7 - We Cheated?

Yesterday sucked. We all have those days, right? Where the entire purpose of the world seems to be to make you cry? That was how it was. When we arrived home we wanted to do no cooking. It was the kind of night where you just want to order pizza and be done with it. The thing is that we are also trying to save money, so that option was off the table in more ways than one.

No cooking and no ordering, and we are so emotionally spent that we are off the rails and just don't care. What we chose to do was simple pasta and red sauce.

I was beating myself up. We blew it! I felt awful. But then I stopped to really think about what I did.  What was the awful cheat? I had margarine. Organic vegan margarine. HOW EVIL! Even the red sauce on the pasta was organic and sugar free!

The idea that this is cheating just shows how much is changing with my eating. Not to say I will never eat true junk food again, but that I now equate lack of veggies with cheat-eating is revolutionary. Amazing!

So was the day a failure? I'm not convinced.

~ Denise

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