Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Who are We

For the most part this will be about food. Sometimes about other vegan 'lifestyle' issues.

Melina (me) started cooking at a young age, as my mother wasn't prone to feeding me anything other than fried bologna and Kraft Dinner. Yuk. I loved fresh food and would graze in the forest and grandfathers garden for berries and beans. After a failed, and unsupported attempt to become vegetarian in grade 5, I vowed one day I would be veggie. And in 2000 that is just what I did, and 3 years later was vegan.

Denise grew up in a house where there were no desserts. In that cookie jar? Baby crackers. Her mom made healthy to the point of blandness. Boiled, skinless (eeeew) broiled chicken, or fish. Boiled potatoes. Canned veggies. Sound familiar? What was the sound most likely to make little Denise cry? The sound of the pressure-cooker simmering away. She has an unnatural aversion to the devices to this day. It was with her gentle encouragement, that I finally became veggie.

This is a powerful duo. You might wanna stand back a pace or two. Vamps? Well, we love supernatural fiction and most vampire shows. Even the silly ones. But, really, we watch way too much 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. Hmm, could have been the 'Vegan Slayers' I suppose, but I'll leave that to Kerry King. Ha.